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Gamers – 80s Teen Comedy entry in Trailer Wars XIII October 16, 2010

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Tetris “The Movie” Trailer February 26, 2010

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FarmVille October 9, 2009

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Aaron and Chris show us what FarmVille on Facebook is all about.

Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link June 29, 2009

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An adventure centuries in the making. An original Zelda quest finds Link transported to Hyrule to save princess Zelda from the most powerful sorcerer in the world, Ganon. Created for Trailer Wars; the project was filmed and edited in three days. All locations filmed in the surrounding Bellingham, Washington area on a very limited budget. No real giant spiders were actually harmed in the making of this trailer.

All music created and performed by Bobby Yost.

Trailer Wars

The Return of Gamespeek AND the Real E3! June 5, 2009

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After a long podcasting hiatus, we’re back and excited to talk about our thoughts on this year’s E3! Unfortunately we didn’t make it down this year, but we still watched the press conferences and read the blogs. With all of the huge announcements and incredible games, the true E3 has returned!

Super Mario Galaxy 2! TWO! too! June 3, 2009

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Aaron decides to talk about Mario Galaxy 2 while mocking Chris incessantly.
Guest appearance by Emily Nelson!

Left 4 Dead 2! June 1, 2009

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We’re Back! ….or at least Chris is for a quick short which will hopefully be the first of many to come. E3 has begun and the announcements are flying wild. But one in particular has got Chris Super giddy. Can you guess what it is?

Some Video Game Art December 20, 2008

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Jen made the drawings and I applied color and shading. This and others like it can be found at Game Deals
If you’d like to commission a painting you can contact me Here

Bob-omb by ~Flash321 on deviantART

Moogle by ~Flash321 on deviantART

Black Mage by ~Flash321 on deviantART

Stay tuned… December 17, 2008

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Don’t worry, we aren’t dead – just busy! Check back after the new year for more gaming goodness and top lists of ’08.

What Are We Playing These Days? October 16, 2008

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I know all of you have been watching our videos and to be honest, making them is hard and fun work. So we thought we’d get together and let you guys know what we’ve been playing in conjunction to filming and producing our video podcast episodes. We’ve been playing more than the screen shot we show above so listen and find out what we’re up to. Hey it’s just like old times!