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We’re videogame nerds.

We’re also called Gamespeek.
Gamespeek started out as Pacific Standard Time Podcast, but that’s all water under the proverbial bridge now.

Gamespeek is a weekly videogame podcast that comes out (usually) every Friday. We work our butts off to bring you the latest gaming news, reviews, previews, release dates and more.

The show is hosted by Lauren, Aaron and Chris who all reside in Northwest Washington and have a combined total of over 50 years of gaming experience.

What we own:

NES, Super Nintendo, N64, Dreamcast, Gamecubes, Playstation 2s, PSP, Nintendo DSs, Xbox360, Wiis, and maybe someday PS3

If you like what you see (or hear) check us out on our forum. We’re there almost everyday.

To go to our iTunes page to subscribe and leave comments here: Gamespeek on iTunes!


Aaron and Lauren met and started hanging out during their Junior year of college at Western Washington University. Turns out they coincidentally had the same major, minor and focus and liked the same bands so it only made sense to be friends. They discovered the world of podcasting and Web 2.0 in an online journalism class, so they decided to create a podcast called Pacific Standard Time right before graduating in March of ’06, covering the worlds of technology, music and videogames. They hoped to sneak into the videogame or music industries somehow.

Soon after they started, Chris (a long-time childhood friend of Aaron and fellow geek) was invited to be a guest on the show. They loved him so much, they invited him to take a permanent seat. PST (and the topics of music and non-gaming technology) was ditched for a much better name and stronger focus. Gamespeek was created thanks to the brilliance of Robby J. up in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. We loved the name so much we bought him Okami as a thank-you. And there you have it. We are Gamespeek. We love games and we want to share our experiences with you.


If you love Gamespeek and would like to help us with our expenses so that we can continue to provide you with great news, entertainment, discussion, and JToFs. Or if you just happen to have a few spare bucks floating around that you don’t know what to do with, You can donate to our Paypal account. We’ll be sure to put your generosity to good gaming use 😀



1. Arlen - December 6, 2006

Aaron I love that you did this. Podcasts + vidoegames = nerdyradzorz.

Also if you haven’t played Gears of War you should do so.

2. Chad Vance - February 28, 2008

Feb. 25th, 2008

Media Contact: Chad Vance
Tel: (207) 949-4540
Email: press@playSwitch.com

Gamers Unite & Demand Used Game Change: A New Option Emerges

<> — Cries became inspiration at http://www.playSwitch.com where gamers united to spur the development of a game trading community offering fair value for all used games by allowing users to set their own prices and trades. “Gamers approached us with a serious issue,” stated Vance. “We have created a site that will offer a safe and affordable way to acquire used games.”

Computer and video game software sales reached $9.5 billion in 2007, 28% over the previous year, and set a new record according to final data compiled by the NPD Group and announced by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). On average, 50 percent of a game’s value is lost to the seller upon trade-in and gamers have few options. According to http://www.playSwitch.com President Chad Vance, gamers are eager to adopt an alternative for used games.

PlaySwitch.com was founded to provide gamers with a necessary service to trade, sell, and buy used games directly with other gamers. All transactions are guaranteed and take place using a custom created barter system called GameHaggle; GameHaggle is a true barter environment for gamers to make offers, counter offers, or accept transactions to get fair prices and trades every time. Users can trade game for game without the hassle of a point system or the need to sell before they buy. Searching and managing used games has been combined to allow users to seamlessly add, edit, and remove games from their account. Adding a game is easy; simply click “I want this game” or “I have this game”. PlaySwitch.com simplifies this process even further by automatically matching gamers with like interests, resulting in instant offers from interested gamers.

PlaySwitch.com was build for gamers by gamers, and users are continually encouraged to submit ideas and suggestions on ways to improve http://www.playSwitch.com. Vice President Brian French commented, “We have completed many updates, changes, and features based on user input over the last several months. Gamers [users] know what they want and need, so who better to help design the site.”

PlaySwitch.com remains free to sellers and traders and costs only one trade token ($1) for users who purchase games. Currently new users receive one trade token with the signup of a new account.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Chad Vance, please call (207)949-4540 or e-mail press@playSwitch.com.

3. Bob Dunn - October 4, 2008

Hey folks,
I’m a freelance writer who’s living in Bellingham and am participating in the LittleBigPlanet Beta and was wondering if you were interested in hearing some early impressions of the game for an upcoming ‘cast?
feel free to let me know

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