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Did you like the intro to this week’s episode? Do the sounds of videogame melodies and 8bit wonders keep you from sleep or work? Well here you can find out what bands we’ve been playing on the podcast. If you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for, drop us a line and we’ll try to dig up the info for you.

Episode 30: Robotronica

Episode 28: Sons of Promethius

Episode 24: Joystiq

Episode 23: NEStalgia

Episode 22: Temp Sound Solution

Episode 21: Cicatriz

Episode 20: Stage 3-1

Episode 19: The Advantage

Stoopid Ugly StikStoopid Ugly Stick
Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 18, January 3

Song featured on the podcast: Press Start

The mixture of experimental, hardcore and electronica are all wound up in this videogame inspired Dallas band. They are pure Texas Nintendocore at one of its finest. Check out information about their CD on their MySpace page.  Also check out their first album, “Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B Start” available through a link on their MySpace page.


Animal StyleAnimal Style
Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 17, December 18
Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 31, April 2

Song featured on the podcast: Goodbye Glaciers, Dance Song

Although we couldn’t say it better ourselves. Animal Style describes they’re sound as “robot monkies with NES controllers stapled to their forheads screaming in ASCII code.” Of course it sounds awesome. If you check out their MySpace page you’ll be able to get your mits on a cool mix cd with some amazing artists on it which includes Animal Style.


Our favorite musicMy Parent’s Favorite Music
Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 15, December 12, 2006
Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 27, March 12, 2007

Song featured on the podcast: Koolaid, Makes Sense

My Parent’s Favorite Music is now our favorite music. Straight out of Michigan is MPFM. The group began in the late 2000 and is still moving out music with their upcoming release “Testing the Waters.” According to their MySpace page they are, “Relentless in their pursuit to give video game inspired punk rap to the masses, or even just the small town arcades, be assured they know where you live, and all your basement are belong to us.” And so does our podcast.


Big ChipBig Chip
Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 14, December 5, 2006

Song featured on the podcast: Close to Me

80’s classics + composing on a gameboy = awesome music. Big Chip from Wymondham, United Kingdom is our second leap across the Atlantic and we chose his song “Close to Me”, a Cure cover, to open the podcast. I’m not sure what they do over there in the UK, but they are proving to make some awesome music, with their Gameboys and we love them for it. And for more of the man and the music, jump over to his MySpace page for info on how he puts together this wonderful music.


Scissors on his fucking head!!!!HORSE the band
Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 13, November 27, 2006
Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 25, February 26, 2007

Song featured on the podcast: Cutsman, Birdo

Aaron and Chris saw them live with Dragon Force and now their song is opening up episode 13’s podcast. HORSE the band’s song Cutsman is an awesome tribute to this boss from Mega Man with the fitting name of…Cutsman of course. According to HORSE’s MySpace page they claim to sound like “a crab” if by crab they mean “extemely rad” then we totally agree. Check out their MySpace page for more classics like Birdo.


Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 12, November 17, 2006

Song featured on the podcast: Keep Going

Gamespeek crosses the Atlantic (thanks to the Internet) to Norwich, UK for bleepheartbleep. He produces amazing covers and orginal music thanks to “zen and several gameboys.” He’s re-recording an ep, and while we aren’t sure if it’ll hit state side I’m sure you can bounce over to his MySpace page and beg for a copy. We might have to. He’s also got a web site at bleepheartbleep.co.uk so check that and his myspace page for some extra songs.


8 Bit Music!8bM
Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 11, November 15, 2006

Song featured on the podcast: Link’s Journey

F*cking up? More like breaking it down. We take a journey down memory lane with one of 8bM’s fine remixes, Link’s Journey. We’re sad to report that according to 8bM’s MySpace page they’ve decided to press pause on the 8bM project for the time being. However, don’t flash game over to them just yet, because they promise to be back. So head over to their page to check out some of their other 8-bit sounds.


Photo courtesy of DJ Servbot

Chang Wang 2003 aka DJ Servbot
Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 10, November 7, 2006

Song featured on podcast: Dirt Off Your Shoulders

Like Jay-Z? Like Hip-hop? Gamespeek likes them together in the form of a sweet mix from Chang Wang 2003 aka DJ Servbot. According to DJ Servbot’s MySpace page, ” I focus on the 8-bit NES sound. Besides the obvious influences from the music of that gaming era, I’m also influenced by many other styles and eras of music including 80’s heavy metal and 90’s hip hop.” It’s sampling at one of it’s finest.


Whoa Sprite SlowdownSprite Slowdown
Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 9, October 31, 2006

Song on the podcast: Balloon Kid

We could make a ton of corny references to the awesomeness of this band, but we’ll cut to the chase. Sprite Slowdown is a group of guys from Philadelphia and say they sound like, “sega master

system, super nintendo, genesis, commodore 64, all hit by trucks and strewn along i-95.” And if by that they mean badass then we completely agree. Balloon Kid isn’t up on their MySpace page, but you’ll find more songs featured, too.


Photo courtesy of PowerglovePowerglove
Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 8, October 25, 2006
Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 29, March 21, 2007

Song on the podcast: Mute City, Power Rangers Theme

Straight out of, ahem Arlington, is a kick ass metal, experimental, videogame cover band that we had to have open up our podcast, Powerglove. They’ve got a few of their songs posted on their MySpace page and you should check it out before they swtich them up. Get Mute City, it’s just that damn good…


Photo courtesy of Year 200XYear 200X
Featured on Gamespeek, Episode 7, October 13, 2006

Song on the podcast: Castlevania 3 Lv 1

Year 200X is, according to thier myspace page, a group of friends brought together by the love of two things: video games, and metal. They have great metal driven NES covers and the have more to offer at Year200X MySpace page.



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