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Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link June 29, 2009

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An adventure centuries in the making. An original Zelda quest finds Link transported to Hyrule to save princess Zelda from the most powerful sorcerer in the world, Ganon. Created for Trailer Wars; the project was filmed and edited in three days. All locations filmed in the surrounding Bellingham, Washington area on a very limited budget. No real giant spiders were actually harmed in the making of this trailer.

All music created and performed by Bobby Yost.

Trailer Wars


Some Video Game Art December 20, 2008

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Jen made the drawings and I applied color and shading. This and others like it can be found at Game Deals
If you’d like to commission a painting you can contact me Here

Bob-omb by ~Flash321 on deviantART

Moogle by ~Flash321 on deviantART

Black Mage by ~Flash321 on deviantART

First Hands-On Look at Final Fantasy IV DS September 23, 2007

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The FFIV demo is on display at TGS and word is it looks fantastic! Supposedly the 3D graphics have been taken up a notch from FFIII. And even the battle system has been tweaked a bit adding different job opportunities where there were none before. There is even voice acting! Being a DS game of such magnitude, thats just impressive. I hope its as addictive a FFIII was 😀

Square Enix Official Final Fantasy IV DS Website

Gamespeek Podcast – Episode 48 August 22, 2007

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Gamespeek Podcast – Episode 48

Here we go with number 48 with an intro from MC Frontalot and his PAX Theme Song. MC Frontalot will also be performing at PAX this weekend. So let’s get to the good stuff once again. In another quickie, but goodie episode we talk about what we’ve been playing (which is gaining more variety every week!) and my new Xbox 360 for a bit. We also discuss my parents diving into gaming again with their new Wii purchase. And in the news front we talk about the new PS3s are out on the market, new Wii firmware, Guitar Hero 3 news and of course a lot more.



Gamespeek Podcast – Episode 47 August 8, 2007

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Gamespeek Podcast – Episode 47

We’re pleased to start this episode off with Optimus Rhyme and his song Fuzzy Dice. Optimus Rhyme will also be performing at PAX later this month. So let’s get to the good stuff. This week was a brief episode, but we sure don’t lack in content. Xbox 360 price drops today! I talk about getting one this episode (but I actually picked up today!) Aaron talks up some new DS game, especially Araknoid (similar to Breakout) with a special control, dongle thing which will fit in the GBA slot to move the platform back and forth. Of course that’s just a smattering of what we cover so check out the link above and listen to the rest!



Gamespeek Podcast – Episode 44 July 15, 2007

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Gamespeek Podcast – Episode 44

Here it is, our E3 episode with an intro courtesy of My Parent’s
Favorite Music
. Although we didn’t get the opportunity to attend this
year we do have our opinions to share about all the goings on during the
media and business summit. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony reveal some
awesome (and not so awesome) news. Also from the conference there were
big announcements for Rock Band, NCSoft and more. You can check out the
rest by listening in.  Also, if your into it a couple of documentaries
surfaced this week.  A History of Video Game Cartoons: The 1980s
[AZNightBuzz.com] and The History of Zelda Documentary [Zentendo]. Links
courtesy of Kotaku.