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Tetris “The Movie” Trailer February 26, 2010

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Some Video Game Art December 20, 2008

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Jen made the drawings and I applied color and shading. This and others like it can be found at Game Deals
If you’d like to commission a painting you can contact me Here

Bob-omb by ~Flash321 on deviantART

Moogle by ~Flash321 on deviantART

Black Mage by ~Flash321 on deviantART

First Hands-On Look at Final Fantasy IV DS September 23, 2007

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The FFIV demo is on display at TGS and word is it looks fantastic! Supposedly the 3D graphics have been taken up a notch from FFIII. And even the battle system has been tweaked a bit adding different job opportunities where there were none before. There is even voice acting! Being a DS game of such magnitude, thats just impressive. I hope its as addictive a FFIII was 😀

Square Enix Official Final Fantasy IV DS Website