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The Return of Gamespeek AND the Real E3! June 5, 2009

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After a long podcasting hiatus, we’re back and excited to talk about our thoughts on this year’s E3! Unfortunately we didn’t make it down this year, but we still watched the press conferences and read the blogs. With all of the huge announcements and incredible games, the true E3 has returned!


What Are We Playing These Days? October 16, 2008

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I know all of you have been watching our videos and to be honest, making them is hard and fun work. So we thought we’d get together and let you guys know what we’ve been playing in conjunction to filming and producing our video podcast episodes. We’ve been playing more than the screen shot we show above so listen and find out what we’re up to. Hey it’s just like old times!

Final Fantasy: Gamespeek Chronicles August 6, 2008

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One summer morning, on our way to Midgar, we stumbled upon a monster much too tough for our fighting skill. Or so we thought…

Team Tetris 2008 July 17, 2008

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Here it is. Witness us delighting folks of all ages during the oldest Independence Day celebration in Washington State, the 74th annual Loggerodeo in Sedro-Woolley, WA. This is where Chris and I grew up.

Gamespeek: Mario Kart Wii, Tales of Vesperia, Rock Band, GHIV May 23, 2008

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Gamespeek Episode 83 features a Mario Kart Wii review, news about the upcoming Tales of Vesperia and other 360 RPGS, and plenty of Rock Band and Guitar Hero info, including details on GH Mobile, GH: On Tour and GHIV. Which music series are you more excited for?

This episode features “Mega Man II – Metal Man” by The Advantage.

The episode is also available as a higher quality .mov file here.

GTA IV, Professor Layton, Rock Band’s First album, more May 4, 2008

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This week in Episode 82, we give a short overview of what you can do in Grand Theft Auto 4, review Professor Layton and the Curious Village, give news on Rock Band, Okami for the Wii, Burnout Paradise and the upcoming Spore Creature Creator.

This week’s song is “That Heart Isn’t Very Flattering” by BleepHeartBleep.

This episode is also available as a higher quality .mov file here.

Sonic Returns in Chronicles and Unleashed, Portable News, more April 20, 2008

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In episode 81, Lauren debuts with her new weekly segment, “Lauren’s Hot Minute” where she gets to talk about whatever videogame-related topic she wants to for a minute. Chris and Aaron discuss the revitalization of Sonic the Hedgehog with two promising upcoming releases; Sonic Chronicles (DS) and Sonic Unleashed (PS2, PS3, Wii, 360). Chris goes over the new Rock Band downloads of the last two weeks and Lauren discusses a few new upcoming games on the DS and PSP, with her segment “Potent Portables.”

This week features the song “Sonic Boom” by Derecho

This episode is also available as a higher quality .mov file here.

Gamespeek Video Premier! April 4, 2008

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Thanks for checking out our first video episode! We’ve been doing the podcast thing for quite awhile (this is episode 80 if you can believe it!), and we’ve finally decided to film and shorten it. In this episode, you’ll learn about the new Halo 3 maps out April 15, why Wii owners should get excited (and start saving money), which songs are the latest out for Rock Band (PS3 and 360), and why the gaming community might soon be free of Jack Thompson.

During the second half, watch our resident Smash Brothers experts (along with Special Guest Justin Dean) fight it out in a roundtable discussion. Thanks again and please subscribe on youtube and leave us comments and ratings! We’ll have new episodes every two weeks.

This week features the song “Helix Nebula” by Anamanaguchi

The episode is also available as a higher quality .mov file here.

Big Announcement from Gamespeek HQ, Halo 3 Map and Guitar Hero: On Tour Revealed (Ep. 79) March 21, 2008

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As the seasons change, so does Gamespeek… and we are very excited! You will have to listen to the episode to find out what I mean. I will tell you though that we won’t be here next week since we should be mighty busy. Besides our HUGE announcement, we talk the usual news and Lauren gives a rundown of some recent PSP demos she nabbed from PSP Fanboy, including echochrome, Umihara Kawase and Space Invaders Extreme.

News this episode:
– New Halo 3 map “Avalanche” unveiled for all to drool over
Guitar Hero: On Tour for the DS revealed
– Fable 2 XBLA mini-games will get gamers prepped and pumped for Fable 2’s release
– Developers vocally supporting WiiWare
– Korg’s DS-10 game to be released worldwide
– Rock Band Thrash Pack DLC available
– Yet another weak Virtual Console offering: Spelunker and Super R-Type

– “Mountain Sickness” by My Parents Favorite Music

See you in two weeks!
– Aaron

Gamespeek Podcast – Episode 78 March 13, 2008

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Reviews galore! Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Mass Effect DLC, Odin Sphere, Orange Box and Rez HD are all dissected and analyzed for your listening pleasure. Also, Lauren and I were asked to speak in a classroom at Western Washington University about podcasting last week! It went very well and we were able to show off some Gamespeek and talk a little about our real jobs too. Thanks for listening and as always, we love feedback!

News this episode
– Bioshock 2 announced, we’re not surprised
– WiiWare details and game info for the US and Japan
– Smash Brothers Brawl not working on some Wiis
– Rockstar working on Bully patch for the 360
– Hudson working on Tetris for WiiWare
– Korg releasing synthesizer emulator in Japan on DS and I want it
– Want to play Smash Brothers with voice chat? Use the 360!
– Mass Effect 2 side quests will be more meaningful
– Wii VC imports-only week! Puyo Puyo 2 and DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure
– Rock Band downloads: Paramore, Serj Tankian, The Black Tides

– “Final Fantasy II” by Atomic NES

– Aaron