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FarmVille October 9, 2009

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Aaron and Chris show us what FarmVille on Facebook is all about.


Left 4 Dead 2! June 1, 2009

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We’re Back! ….or at least Chris is for a quick short which will hopefully be the first of many to come. E3 has begun and the announcements are flying wild. But one in particular has got Chris Super giddy. Can you guess what it is?

Stay tuned… December 17, 2008

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Don’t worry, we aren’t dead – just busy! Check back after the new year for more gaming goodness and top lists of ’08.

Guess the target audience! :-D March 22, 2008

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Gamespeek Episode – 23 February 12, 2007

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Gamespeek Episode – 23

What wild races we run. We’re still playing catch up over here, but I can promise you that our discussions our timeless, so check them out.

We muse about the news you can most definitely use. In this podcast we discuss Sim City DS, Yakuza the Movie, some of the new Virtual Console games, PSP news and the latest Sony slam on Nintendo.

NEStalgia opens up for us this week with their song Castlevania. Enjoy it on their MySpace page, too.

Also, for some reason Aaron thinks I like crossword puzzles…




Gamespeek Episode – 22 February 6, 2007

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Gamespeek Episode – 22

Here it is with an intro from Temp Sound Solution‘s Contra Snowfield is our 22nd podcast. Chris, Aaron and myself have been feverishly working away at oh so many things podcast related that we’re still a bit behind. But be not afraid we are working hard for you. Now on to the topics of this illustrious podcast, we chat about:

A 3rd generation Wii strap (really…come on…)

Tales of the Abyss Review

More info on the Castlevania movie

and more next-gen chat (you know you can’t get enough, clearly we can’t).


Gamespeek – Episode 21 January 29, 2007

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Gamespeek – Episode 21

Hide your sons and daughters, the podcast is legal! Or so says my other co-hosts.

Due to our recent trip to Microsoft we’re getting this podcast to you a little late. This week’s podcast will be posted soon, so you get two for the price of one…or none…cause they’re free. Heh.

Well in this podcast you can look forward to Chris giving us an update on his recent purchase aka “He’s the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii.” We also talk about our trip to Microsoft for a podcasting panel in which we came up with some cool ideas to expand our podcast. And of course a couple of JToFs. This week’s intro is courtesy of Cicatriz and their song Knuckles, check out some more of their tunes here.

Keep a look out for the next podcast and we’ll back on a somewhat regular schedule this week.



Gamespeek – Episode 3 September 18, 2006

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All About the Wii 11.9.06Gamespeek – Episode 3 (episode Wii!)

Wii details announced! Wii talk about that for most of the episode – Wii Sports, the virtual console, what will be included with the system out-of-the-box, the Wii Channnels, web browsing and more. Plus some less-important news.

Wii channelsMii!

We made it to E3!! May 9, 2006

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Lauren and I are sitting in the media room on a PC right now staring at our shiny new press badges 🙂 So needless to say, we didn’t die in a plane crash and we are here safely. Although we are staying at a hotel in a pretty shady part of town… And because we didn’t really sleep last night before we left, we slept pretty much every chance we had on the way down here.

Just like last year, we’ve heard of some big news right before E3. A lot of companies hold press conferences and Sony has announced pricing for the PS3. It will set you back $399 with an included 20 GB hard drive and $499 with a 60 GB drive. Not too shabby – the cheaper of the systems is supposedly going to cost $494 to produce so Sony is going to be loosing quite a bit of money.

One last thing before we get out of here – check out the Wii’s confirmed titles for next year! Lauren just about screamed when she saw both Fire Emblem and Trauma Center on the list. We want to get something to eat, and there is tons of news, so stayed tuned for more updates tonight. And we’ll try to post some photos too. Have fun not being at E3 😉